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The Monastery of Sant’Elisabetta, Florence. Photo Gillian Jack 2013

I’m a historian of late medieval and early modern Italy, with a focus on prostitution, nuns, and welfare. My doctoral thesis was on Sant’Elisabetta delle Convertite, a monastery for convertite (repentant prostitutes) in Florence.

My research focuses on poor women and girls of fifteenth and sixteenth century Florence. I am interested in how they negotiated their interactions with the city and how civic authorities attempted to restrict and facilitate their lives.

I currently work for The Open University. I am an Associate Lecturer on history and interdisciplinary modules. I am also an Honorary Associate in the History department.

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  1. Isabelle Cochelin


    I am a professor at the University of Toronto. I tried to reach you for some time but I suppose I had the wrong gmail address. With various colleagues, I am part of a research group on non-cloistered religious women, The Other Sister. We would like to organize a thematic session on repentant prostitutes. Such sessions bring together 3 or 4 scholars who have recently written on the topic with articles recently published or soon to be published. During a one-hour-and-half zoom meeting, each of these scholars speak 5 minutes and then we have one hour discussion with some 30 scholars who had read the articles. We had one such session recently on Vowesses and another on Secular canonesses. We cover the period 1100 to 1800.
    You are THE specialist of such woman. We would love if you were to accept to be one of our speakers. We can read a chapter of your thesis unless you have an article soon to be published or recently published on the topic.
    I look forward to hear from you. Thank you,



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