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The Monastery of Sant’Elisabetta, Florence. Photo Gillian Jack 2013

You’ve found the website of Dr Gillian Jack. I’ve recently completed (2018) a PhD at the University of St Andrews, where I also completed a Master’s in Early Modern History. My doctoral thesis was on Sant’Elisabetta delle Convertite, a monastery for repentant prostitutes in Florence and was supervised by Dr Emily Michelson and Prof. Frances Andrews. My viva was in December 2017, and the thesis examined by Prof. Mary Laven (University of Cambridge) and Prof. Simon Ditchfield (University of York). I passed with typographical errors to correct.

My research focuses on poor women and girls of fifteenth and sixteenth century Florence. Most work on women in the period tends to focus on the elite women who left more records. This is especially true of nuns. My research seeks to fill in a gap with the study of prostitutes, who were almost all poor. These women later left that profession to became nuns. My thesis will show how the Florentine civic authorities used varying legislative means to deal with prostitution, and how Sant’Elisabetta became a key part of these municipal strategies over the course of almost three hundred years.

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