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I am an associate lecturer on the following modules:

A111: Discovering the arts and humanities

A113: Revolutions

A223: Early modern Europe: society and culture c.1500-1780

A229: Exploring the Classical World

A326: Empires

A330: Myth in the Greek and Roman worlds

A340: The Roman Empire

Previously: AA100: Introduction to Arts and Humanities

Late fifteenth-century schoolroom
Massimiliano Sforza as a pupil with his teacher Gian Antonio Secco. Miniature in Massimiliano’s copy of Aelius Donatus’ Latin grammar book (Ars minor). Manuscript: Milan, Biblioteca Trivulziana, Ms. 2167, fol. 13v. Illumination by Giovanni Pietro da Birago ca. 1496/99

University of St Andrews

I was a tutor on the following modules 2014-2018

The Early Modern Western World (c. 1450-1770)

History as a Discipline: Development and Key Concepts